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From the blog:

Live Chat with Real Estate AgentYes, I do spend way too much time at the computer… Searching for houses on the MLS, checking public records, reading news, keeping myself up to the date on all the real estate stuff… It takes time.

So I thought, while at it, I could make at least some use of the time. (As if I need another excuse to sit by the computer :) ).

By the time you get to reading this, you’ve probably noticed. Yesterday, I installed this live chat option on this blog. This means that whenever I’m online, there’s going to be a chat box available in the bottom right corner. This will give you an opportunity to get in touch with me immediately, while continuing to search for houses.

I thought it should be cool! Live chat with a real estate agent! Real estate agent? Cool? Neah, I guess “useful” or “convenient” would be the right words here.

On the other thought, it may be a bit spooky. Here you are in your PJs browsing houses at 1am, and then, “Dong! Hi, this is me, your realtor, how may I help you!”

Just keep in mind, I am still not able to see you. Just thought, I’d mention… And definitely, I’m open to any feedback on this.

I guess I’ll wrap this up with “Thanks for stopping by. How may I help you?”

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