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From the blog:

Avoid Electric Shock - Get Home InspectionI bought my home in Marysville, WA a little over three years ago. I already passed my real estate tests but didn’t activate my license yet. So I hired a real estate agent to help me.

We (I should say, “my wife” :) ) found this nice new construction home in Marysville. My agent told me that the home inspection was optional, and since it’s a new home, why lay out a few hundred dollars for the home inspection?

A big mistake! Having worked in real estate for a few years now, I’ve heard some horror stories about contractors “forgetting” install insulation etc…

But it didn’t think this would happen to me.

We’ve lived in the home for over three years now. I never had to go up in the attic until last month. My wireless signal wasn’t extremely reliable, so I decided to have wired internet upstairs.

My cable guy suggested that we throw the cable through the attic. No problem.

I put the ladder up next to the attic access in my closet. As soon as I opened the hatch, I noticed a light switch. “Nice, there’s light up here. I don’t even need my flash light!”

I flipped the switch a few times. The light didn’t come on.

A bit disappointed I continued to climb up. But when I stood up in the attic, I broke out in a cold sweat!

Right in front of my nose there were two naked wires! The contractor had “forgot” to install the light fixture in the attic! Having flipped the switch on my way up, I had a good chance to fry my brains…

Needless to say that this would have been taken care of, had I decided to have a home inspection when buying the house.

The point is, in order to avoid a shock (possibly electric :) later, get a home inspection.

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