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From the blog:

Just MovedEvery year about 12% of Americans move from one place to another. We, real estate agents, help people move all the time. Not literally, in most cases, but by helping to buy that new home.

People are excited to move into a new house, aren’t they?

Yes, they are but there may be some challenges as well. How about buyer’s remorse right around the closing time? How about all those overwhelming details after you move? News schools, grocery stores, neighbors… The list goes on.

Just recently I stumbled upon an interesting resource offering help to move on after moving in. Just moved is a website run by Susan Miller. She’s also the author of the book After the Boxes are Unpacked and is offering suggestions from Christian prospective geared mainly toward stay-at-home women. Check it out.

Susan recently appeared on Focus on the Family and shared some insights on how to move on after moving in.


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